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The PAM Band
In 2008/09, the concept of the Archi-Revue programmed was introduced in the 33rd PAM Sabah Chapter annual dinner. The Organizing Chairman, Ar. Victor Wong believed that architects are of the creative breed amongst the professionals, and as such the performances for the annual dinner should be put up by architects instead by paid performers.
The Archi-Revue programmed provided a golden opportunity for Ar. Rizal Ahmad Banjar, who was totally unknown for his love for the guitar, to meet Mr.Cheong Kok Ann, who was already well known for his composing the Chapter’s Theme Song. When they started to work together with Mr. Cheong Kok Ann on the guitar they instantly realized that were inseparable and the PAM BAND was born! Since then the PAM band has been performing in all the annual dinners and to the delights of all.

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