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18.2.2017 MS1525 & By Law 38A Rose Garden, Magellan Sutera          2 CPD Points
25.2.2017 Fire Risks and Solution For Built Environment PAM Mini Auditorium          2 CPD Points
4.3.2017 Product Talk by Jarau Enterprise PAM Mini Auditorium          2 CPD Points
18.3.2017 Product Talk on Beyond the Glass PAM Mini Auditorium 1 CPD Point
8.3.2017 42nd PAM Sabah Chapter AGM PAM Mini Auditorium 1 CPD Point
15.4.2017 Housing Certification /PAM Contract 2006 PAM Sabah Chapter          2 CPD Points
21-23 April 2017 IPEX-HOMEDEC ‘17 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu          1 CPD Point
29.4.2017 Product Talk by Smartpools 
MM2 – Reinforced Insulated Building System (RIBS) …. innovative & earthquake resistant 
PAM Mini Auditorium 1 CPD Point

Seminar on Slidehide Cavity Wall System for Architects

 PAM Mini Auditorium  1 CPD Point
9.6.17 Product Tlak for Formica Hakka Hall pending
19-22.7.2017 KLAF 2017 Kuala Lumpur  
12.8.2017 Product Talk by Lafarge (M) Sdn Bhd PAM Mini Auditorium pending
21.10.2017  Borneo Architecture Festival (BAF)  TBC          4 CPD Points

*Please note schedule above is subject to change. Update will be notified through chapter’s Facebook and secretariat.


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