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The Chapter was represented by Ar.Ho Jia Lit & Ar.Yong Ming Cheong in the morning of 18 December 2010 at Zone Kota Kinabalu office Sembulan.

A total of five (5) numbers of 10 tons fire engines were handed by the Ministry of Housing & Local Government from Kuala Lumpur to the State Government of Sabah, together with seven (7) numbers of utility trucks for multi-purpose tasks. The handing over ceremony was attended by fire officers & departments from all zones & districts throughout Sabah.

The representative of the Director General of Fire Services in delivering his address believed that the fire fighting capability of Sabah based operations will be greatly enhanced. Couple with additional training & resources made available, all sectors of the fire department have been upgraded. 

Besides, with the launching of PGO (Pusat Gerakan Operasi), CLC (Community Learning Centre), MESS (Bilik Mesyuarat Khas untuk Pegawai Kanan) & GYM centres, the facilities & set-up has been modernized. In particular, the fire department is now able to monitor the whole Kota Kinabalu district via satellite images and communications network on any urgent notice for fire operations.

Encik Khiruddin Bin Drahman, the Director of Fire Services in Sabah, nevertheless conceded that fire fighting is always a losing battle with losses of lives and properties whenever fire officers are engaged in fighting fire. He informed that they practiced the three (3) Hs at the fire department. Head, Hand & Heart. Head stands for knowledge to prevent fire, Hand stands for action to prevent fire while Heart stands for compassion for aftermath of any fire out break.

Lastly, the Director thanked all parties involved in this ceremony. He believed that fire fighting is always a partnership that requires co-operation from the public. 

The ceremony ended with a tour of the facilities incorporated into zone Kota Kinabalu office at Sembulan & refreshment served. 

Reported by Ar. Yong Ming Cheong

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