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 In view of growing concern on environment, many green rating tools has been developed for development in Malaysia. L E Delight Sdn. Bhd, has organised an interesting product talk on Friday, 26th November 2010 held at PAM Auditorium. The topic for the talk was "OPTILED Lighting: Integration of LED Lighting". The talk started at 9.30am and was attended by 38 participants including Architects and Engineers.

With a surge in demand for energy efficiency, majority of the companies are looking at opportunities to covert conventional lightings to Light Emitting Diode (LED) lightings products. In this talk, the speaker from OPTILED Singapore, Ms. Ada Lee and Mr. Joseph Ng brief everyone about the unique technology in lighting and  the way how the LED lighting can help in energy saving. OPTILED LED lighting technology provides one of the best lighting solutions on the market across every specification, from lighting quality and energy efficiency, to life span and environmental friendliness. OPTILED LED lighting solutions consistently provide immediate and ongoing operating cost savings, and improved efficiency and lighting performance. 

Many products of LED lighting was introduced during the talk such as Razor 1000, Aquatic 5000 and Flexi-Pro 8000 series. Razor 1000 series is useful for indoor lighting while Aquatic 5000 series is for outdoor underwater lighting. Meanwhile, the Flexi-Pro 8000 series is useful for the easiest and most versatile indoor and outdoor water resistant lighting solution the products has been designed to make the perfect lighting for any applications in buildings. 

After the Q & A session and products presentation ended at 11.30am, Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang thanked everyone and L E Delights Sdn. Bhd. for the interesting and wonderful talk on behalf of the Chapter.

Reported by Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang

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