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A talk on Automated Waste Collection System was organized by the Chapter on Saturday, 24 November 2012 at PAM Mini Auditorium. 30 attendees comprising of professional architects, engineers and architectural graduates attended this talk.

The 1st speaker was Mr. Sri Kanda Rajah, Managing Director of STREAM Environment Group of Companies. His core areas of responsibilities include Head of Sales / Marketing, Engineering/ Design as well as Research and Development. He gave an introduction of STREAM group of companies and its core business which is the Automated Waste Collection System (AWSC), where STREAM is used and their track record.

He presented information of the Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) which is also known as a “pneumatic waste conveying system”. This system transport municipal or domestic solid waste through pipes at high speeds from the garbage chutes into a sealed container well away from inhabited areas.

Garbage transported through the pipes is stored in a sealed container that is collected at a specified period by a conventional flatbed truck.

In his presentation he also spoke about the multiple advantages of the system:-

  • Hygienic – No more exposed filth and contamination, nor messy spills and stains.
  • Convenient – Regular removal and automated handling.
  • Healthy – Odour free and no heavy bins to lift.
  • Cost Efficient – An unobtrusive and compact system that frees up valuable space, and let you save on the labour costs, energy, cleaning and maintenance.

The 2nd speaker was Ir. Chea Thean Teik General Manager of STREAM Environment Sdn Bhd. An experienced and qualified Professional Engineer (Mechanical) with 17 years of experiences in the area of Building’s M&E services, Mechanical Handling Engineering, Project Management, Central Vacuum Systems and Automated Waste Collection Systems.

His topic was more on the technical aspects of the systems. He presented details of the technologies and installation methodologies.

The presentation was very informative and participants had the opportunity to ask many questions. It ended at 1.00pm with lunch.

Vote of thanks is accorded to the team from STREAM Environment Group of Companies for providing an informative presentation and to everyone present for making their valuable time attending the talk.

A talk on Armstrong Ceiling System was organized by the Chapter on Saturday, 13 October 2012 at PAM Mini Auditorium.  36 attendees comprising of professional architects, engineers and architectural graduates attended this talk.

The 1st speaker was Mr. Norman Eric Domingo Eusebio, Country Manager, ABP Philippines.  He gave an introduction of Armstrong group of company and introduced Armstrong’s main product which is the Mineral Fiber Ceiling. He also covered the topics of when and why do you need Acoustic.  He explained that suspended ceilings provide excellent acoustic control by helping to reduce both sound inside a room (sound absorption) and sound that carries from one room to another room (sound attenuation).  In addition he spoke about the Mineral Fiber Ceiling specification – Sizes, Relative Humidity, Noise Reduction Control, Durability, Grid and Warranty.

Norman highlighted that the sagging problem associated with mineral fibre board is normally due to high humidity, board not sitting on tee properly, or light fittings not separately supported. Armstrong board comes with RH99 and RH100 rating which guarantees no sagging at highly humid area for 30 years.

The 2nd speaker was Ms. Fong Li Kuan, Country Manager, ABP Malaysia, and Brunei.  She spoke about the GBI point’s contribution of Armstrong Ceiling and Armstrong online services.  Further to that she also presented other range of products and attributes such as their classic Fine Fissured, as well as the new range Dune and Ultima. Various types of suspension tees (exposed, semi-concealed, concealed types) were also introduced.

The 3rd speaker was Mr. Sean Yong, Business Development Manager of BDC Corporation Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Armstrong products in Malaysia. His topic was more on the architectural aspects of Armstrong new products and ceiling system such as TechZone, Metal, Soundscapes and Vector. 

Sean emphasized that Armstrong’s specialty ceiling are produced to meet the architects’ demand for more interesting design which also has good acoustic properties as well as easily maintained.

The presentation was very informative and participants had the opportunity rising up many questions.  It ended at 1.00pm with lunch.  

Vote of thanks is accorded to the team from Armstrong (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and BDC Corporation Sdn Bhd for providing an informative presentation and to everyone present for making their valuable time attending the talk.


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The Joint Consultative committee consisted of Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sabah Chapter, (PAM) Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia, ACEM Sabah Branch, Institution of Engineers Malaysia, IEM Sabah Branch and Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia, RISM Sabah Branch led by their respective chairmen Ar. Lo Su Yin, Ir. Fung Yin Khun, Ir. Lo Chong Chiun, and Sr. Maria Othman respectively paid a courtesy visit to the Putatan District Council on 8th October, 2012.  This was the first time whereby the joint professional bodies from the building fraternity visited the District Council. 

The delegation comprising of twelve committee members of The Joint Consultative Committee were met by the District Officer, Encik Ag. Abdul Ghani Hj. Pg. Yusoff, Executive Officer, Encik Awang Saifudin Hj Jumat and the council members.  Also present at the meeting are representative from the Perancang Bandar dan Wilayah and Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran

Putatan District Council is the latest addition of the 26 district councils in Sabah.  Since the formation of the Council 2 years ago, Putatan town had experienced tremendous growth over the past years.

The objectives of the visit were to forge closer link with the Council through dialogues cum discussion sessions.  There is an urgent need to focus and update on the planning guidelines and plan submission procedures so as to streamline the plan approval process and to achieve a balanced and orderly growth.

Encik Ag. Abdul Ghani Hj.Pg Yusoff informed that all development plans previously submitted and approved by the Penampang District Council which now fall under the Putatan District Council boundary will be transferred and handled by their council.  The status of their approvals will be maintained as long as there is no amendment made to the development layout.

Other issues raised at the meeting included the revision of the building by-laws for Putatan District Council, traffic congestion and pressure exerted on the existing centralized sewerage plant.The close proximity of the district to the KKIA would mean that building height within the district can be restricted by the aerodrome of the Department of Civil Aviation.

Putatan is a vibrant and fast growing district and has attracted a lot of development.  There is a need for orderly development to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly for conducive living, working and recreation, The Joint Consultative Committee recommended major infrastructures such as traffic, sewerage, water, power etc. are required to be planned in an integral manner.

The Joint Consultative Committee representatives pledged to render their full support to the council by way of offering their professional services as part of their corporate social responsibility for Putatan and beyond.

Ag. Abdul Ghani(front 6
th from left) with representatives from PAM, ACEM, IEM & RISM

Reported by Ar. Lo Su Yin/ Ir. Fung Yin Khun / Ir. Lo Chong Chiun

October 2021