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Saturday, 19th March 2011, a product talk was organize by PAM held at PAM Centre on “Discovering the Technical and Economical Advantages of Pre-Mixed Ceramic Tiles Adhesives”. The talk started at 9.30am and was attended by 38 participants.

Ar. Yong Ming Cheong welcomed all members and invited the speaker, Ms. Veronica Wong, Retail Sales Manager from Wacker Chemical (South Asia) Singapore to present her slide. 

 As the market leader in binders, Wacker Polymers has been involved in the development of modern tile adhesives for over 50 years. One of the product introduce by the speaker is Vinnapas.

The Vinnapas product classes for polymer powders have a different category. It is:-

1. VINNAPAS N- The rheologically neutral class.

2. VINNAPAS T- The highly thixotropic class.

3. VINNAPAS F- the class for excellent flow properties without superplasticizers.

4. VINNAPAS H- the class for outstanding water repellency.

5. VINNAPAS L- the class for optimum leveling.

On the second session, the speaker briefed everyone about the product of ceramic tile adhesives (CTA) including all the necessary pre-mixed raw materials such as binder, aggregates and additives at guaranteed mixing proportions. Mr. Ang San Eng, the Product Manager from Lafarge Cement conducted a product demonstration on the mixes and applications of the pre-mixed mortars. 

The product demonstration ended at 11.30am followed with Q&A session. Ar. Yong Ming Cheong thanked all and to Lafarge cement for their generous sponsorship to make the seminar possible on behalf of PAM Sabah Chapter.

Reported by Ar. Yong Ming Cheong.

Ar. Yong Ming Cheong (Past Chapter Chairman/ IPEX 2011 Organizing Chairman) led seven members including Deputy Chapter Chairman Ar. Lo Su Yin for a courtesy call to Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah, Minister Of Industrial Development on 1 march 2011 at the MID’s conference room. 

During the discussion, PAM Sabah Chapter had extended the invitation to Datuk Raymond to be the Guest Of Honour for the Opening Ceremony of “IPEX And Ideal Home Show 2011” which will be held on 21st April 2011 at Sabah Trade Centre.

On other development, Ar. Yong briefed the Minister that PAM was one of the founding members of “Green Building Index” (GBI), an initiative to lead the property industry towards becoming more environment friendly. He hopes Ministry of Industrial Development (MID) can help PAM to promote in green building development and incorporate in activities on trade and industrial development in Sabah.

Ar. Yong said PAM are willing to offer their Professional expertise and service as adviser to MID on issues relating to the built environment and he also said they are looking at the possibility of architects being partners of local industries exporting local products produced through collaboration with architects. 

Ar. Yong requested Ministry of Industrial Development to allow PAM to participate in organized trade and industrial entourages for better exposure and opportunities.

Reported by Ar. Yong Ming Cheong

Saturday, 19th February 2011, PAM has organized a product talk on “Landscape Engineering Solutions” by Eurodeck Sdn. Bhd. held at Chapter Mini Auditorium. The talk was attended by 50 participants including Architects, Engineer, QS and Developers started at 9.30am.

 Chapter Vice Chairman, Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang welcomed all and introduced the speaker, Mr. Stephen Chu as Director of Eurodeck Sdn. Bhd and Leslie Chin to do the presentation.
Certified quality management services with ISO9001:2008, Elmich products have been incorporated in major projects around the world and committed to landscape engineering and continually producing innovative products and solutions to meet the more sophisticated needs of architects and contractors in green building design and construction. 
Each of the products presented by the speaker has their own features and benefits. With an interesting and unique design, the products are applicable on many areas.
There are 6 types of products display during the seminar. It is:
1. Green Wall
2. Green Roof
3. Stormwater Management
4. Turf and Slope Stabilisation
5. Paver & Decking Support
6. Sub-Surface Drainage 
The talk ended at 11.30am after Q&A session. On behalf of the Chapter, Vice Chairman, Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang thanked everyone for making available their time to attend the seminar today and to Eurodeck Sdn. Bhd for the informative product talk.
Reported by Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang

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