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Dr.Frank Wilson“The Development of Sewage Treatment” CPD seminar was successfully conducted at PAM Sabah Chapter last Saturday (21st June 2014) by Tomher Environmental Sdn Bhd Technical Sales Director, Dr. Frank Wilson.  The topic was presented in a historical way following the evolution of sewage treatment from the UK industrial revolution in the 19th century to our present day in Sabah. His anecdotes from his broad and long experience in sewage treatment around the world were the highlight of this workshop. 

Aspects discussed during his workshop include:

  • Dr. Wilson’s autobiographical involvement in the sewerage business.
  • History about sewerage treatment in general both globally and locally.
  • Explanations of various sewerage treatment standards
  • Survey study of STPs near Kota Kinabalu (how many are non-operative)
  • Explanations of other forms of treatment like cesspits, septic tanks and reed beds.
  • Issue of water pollution, eutrophication, FOG (fats, oil and grease), E coli and how dangerous it is to swim at Tanjung Aru beach!
  • Details on activated sludge treatment, micro-organism growth curves, sewage screening, trickling filters, rotating biological contractors, trickling filters solids contact, tilted tube/plate clarifiers, v-notch weirs, final treated water standards and dried sludge, sludge presses, hydroponics, pipe trenches, safety hoops and safety rails, extended aeration, Biosolv advanced sewage treatment and many more.
  • Some example projects done by Tomher Environmental Sdn Bhd.


There were 42 attendees consisting professional architects and architectural graduates at this event. The workshop started at 9.15 am and end at 11.30 am with tea break provided in the middle.

10may1On Saturday, 10th May 2014, a talk on Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) by Stream Environment Sdn Bhd has been organized at PAM Sabah Mini Auditorium. The speaker was Ir. Chea Thean Teik, the General Manager of Stream Environment Sdn Bhd. Ir. Chea is a qualified Professional Engineer (Mechanical) with over 19 years’ experience in Building’s M&E services, Mechanical Handling Engineering, Project Management, Central Vacuum Systems and Automated Waste Collection Systems. 

Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) is an environmental technology offering city grade piped infrastructure for municipal solid waste transport system via vacuum technology. Ir. Chea presented the latest method of transporting solid waste through sealed network of pipes and stored in sealed container at a Central Waste Handling Facility (or Bin Centre) within the development or even several kilometers away. This process enhances the garbage collection process to improve urban living and working environment.

AWCS addressed two key concern areas in Municipal Solid Waste Management – Waste Collection & Storage and Waste Transportation. The AWCS system is envisioned to be adopted as the standard way of handling waste for all new development, similar to other utilities such as water, sewerage, gas and power.

10mayThis was not a first time Ir. Chea did a talk for Stream Environment Sdn Bhd at PAM Sabah. He conducted a similar talk previously on 24th November 2012. Ar. Morris Bisoni introduced him before the talk, which began at 9.30 am. There were 22 attendees comprising professional architects, architectural graduates and students from Cosmopoint College. The talk finished at 11.30 am with lunch served.

KK traffic: Architects offer solution

3rd May, 2014

KOTA KINABALU: Good city planning and management are needed in order to reduce the number of cars on the road as we gear towards creating liveable and sustainable cities, said Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) Sabah Chapter.

Its chairman Victor Wong said the traffic jam in the State Capital is worsening even though the Kota Kinabalu Local Plan 2020 final draft is ready and the second public consultation of the plan will be held in City Hall from May 8 to 22.

He believed that the traffic snarls could be resolved if the development of residence, offices and commercial shops are clustered together within a short radius to enable the public transport to be brought in and eliminate the needs for the citizens to buy cars unnecessarily.

“What is happening now in our cities is the lack of integration in the implementation of the different developments and in bringing a public transport system to serve the needs of the clusters,” said Victor at the launching of IPEX 2014 at the Sabah Trade Centre here yesterday.

The event was officiated by Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Datuk Edward Yong Oui Fah. Victor also urged the authorities to discourage and review city planning that is based on car ownership. “Instead, the city planning should provide an alternative choice for its citizens to choose their mode of transportation such as by foot, bicycles or an organised public transport system,” he said.

“We must consider the options to resolve our current woes economically, through good city planning and management while waiting for the monorail to materialise which need an enormous amount of financial resources,” advised Victor.

He also suggested to the authorities to encourage mixed development in terms of housing, commercial, sports & recreational, education and industrial over a single project so that a private transport network system can be established.

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