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Last Saturday, 13th November 2010, Chapter organized a half day seminar on “KOOL Energy-Efficient Pre-Painted Steel for Metal Roofing” held at Grand Ballroom, Pacific Sutera Hotel. It was attended by 55 participants from PAM. The seminars started at 8.00am with registration and lucky draw ticket. This seminarwas success by a generous grant from Colourcoil Industries Sdn Bhd.

After the registration, the Master of Ceremony, Ms. Zyee Dullie, Sales & Marketing Executive of Colourcoil Industries Sdn Bhd welcomed everyone and invited Chapter Chairman to deliver his speech. The MC introduced the invited speaker from the United States of America, Mr. Scott Kriner, President of Green Metal Consulting.Inc to present his slide.

The speaker presented a lot of interesting topic which are real concern and relevance to this industry. The topic include are:-

1. Energy Concerns

2. Climate Change Concerns

3. Green Building Rating Programs

4. Green Product Labeling

5. Cool Roofing / Cool Metal Roofing

6. Market/Applications/Benefits

7. Principles of Cool Roof/Energy

8. Efficiency Programs

9. Regulations (Codes/Standards)

10. Global Initiatives

11. Emerging Trends

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On Tuesday, 9th November 2010, Chapter has organized a product talk on “ArchiCAD Roadshow 2010” held at PAM auditorium. The talk started at 9.30am and ended at 5.30pm and was attended by 20 participants including architects and graduate members.

In this session, the speaker, Mr. Andrew Lim the Director of Graphisoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd greeted everyone and introduced himself and the invited ArchiClub member from Finland. The speaker introduced ArchiCAD 14 which popular for Architecture. These products are really useful for architect in designing a new building and plan. 

ArchiCAD users have the opportunity to experience the new version of product that is faster, better and more refined than its predecessor. According to speaker, this product can specify the element class in the element settings and this indicates to the other program; in conjunction with IFC data transfer, what the building part type concerned is. Three settings have been added to the construction element setting menu. 

IFC element type specifies whether and element is a wall, a slab or a window etc. This enables the user to select only a part of a more extensive model needed by the recipient or to send only the one floor of a model that is needed. This makes data transfer easier, as it eliminates the need to send the entire model every time data is exchange.

The talk ended after the AcrhiClub meeting with all ArchiCAD users and big thanks to Mr. Andrew Lim for presenting an interesting talk.

Reported by Ar.Dr.Tan Jun Kwang

PAM has organized a Members Night 2010 held at CEO Lounge, Star City, Kota Kinabalu on Friday, 29th October 2010 started  at 7.00pm and ended at 11.30pm.

The function was well attended with a nice mix of corporate and graduate architects.  As the architects were streaming in, a powerpoint presentation of the recent PAM – IPDM visit to Shanghai Expo was shown.

The evening was started off with a speech by PAM Sabah Chairman, Ar Ho Ja Lit and emceed by Ar Rizal Ahmad Banjar.  The mic was passed around so members could introduce themselves.  There were food and drinks abound, with music and pool games enlivening the evening.

 As everybody was enjoying the food, Ar Rizal took the mic and got some of the architects to join him for some oldies tunes accompanied by the in-house pianist.  PAM Sabah theme song composer, Mr. Cheong Kok Ann, after satisfying his huge appetite took over the mic and piano and belted out evergreen songs to the delight of the members.  It was a nice surprise to hear for the first time some of the senior architects like Ar David Kwan, Ar. Lam Choi Sing and Ar Lim Koi Hoe singing, and boy could they really sing!  

Meanwhile, Ar Jebb Liew took the cue (put intended) to challenge everybody for pool game.  There were 16 participants comprising of corporate and graduate architects, and of both genders.  Ar Jebb Liew showed his prowess by beating Ar Victor Wong in the final and thus “sapu” all the pooled bet money.  

All in all, it was great to see the members, mingled around exchanging views, updating each other and of course, telling latest gossips among others.  

After rounds of healthy meal and drinks, sang to the top of their lungs and fellowship, the members left with Great Spirit and huge smiles with everybody looking forward for the next gathering.

 Reported by Ar. Rizal Ahmad Banjar

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