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The talk was held on 21.1.15 at 6pm, PAM Sabah Chapter mini auditorium and attended by 30 graduate architects. The speakers are 3 graduate architects who are Mr. Irving Thien, Ms. Ng Shi Qi and Mr. Allen Solomon Chong. 1st topic presented by Mr. Irving Thien was the “Found Conditions: Design by Observation & Re-appropriation” where derived from his inspiration from the observation of local conditions of surrounding context. 2nd topic presented by Ms. Ng Shi Qi was the “Philanthropic Architecture” where derives from her interest in volumetric urbanism, variety of building types within a sensitive urban context and to develop her understanding of urban regeneration issues. In addition, she mentioned that the presentation represent an alternative way to enhance the well-being of humanity and the community and it shall begin with the places where most people live, understanding interrelationships and connection between human and non-human life. 3rd topic presented by Mr. Allen Solomon Chong was the “Drawing Parallels” where derives from his most awe-inspiring design themed subject, smidgen thought from a self-styled journeyman of the arts and random musings abound.


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