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In early 1975, Mr. Francis Wong mooted the idea of forming PAM Sabah Chapter, and enlisted the assistance of Mr. Kington Loo in Kuala Lumpur.  Mr. Francis Wong went to KL to attend the Council Meeting to get familiarize with PAM activities, constitutional matters, while Mr. Kington Loo came to explain PAM matter to architects in Sabah.  A protem committee comprising Mr. Raymond Pang, Lawrence Chin, Ng Boh Kien, Aziz Mahfar, Cheng Yu Chung and others was then formed.  The following action plans were initiated:
  • To propose to PAM, KL in a change in the constitutions to allow colonial registered architects to join PAM.  This included George Chin, Billings Leong and Chung Chee Man.  That would bring all practicing architects in Sabah under one roof.  Mr. Francis Wong and Lawrence Chin tabled the proposal in KL and was accepted.
  • To start a PAM drafting school to supply a pool of architectural draftsman and technicians to ease the shortage of technical staff.
  • To ensure all members understood the implications of the Architects Act, and PAM’s role in this Act of Parliament which was instrumental to the establishment of the Board of Architects;
  • To provide a basis for registered building draftsman and their relevant control;
  • To bring in speakers on the subjects of:-
(i)        The impending Developers Act; (ii)      The Uniform Building Bye-Laws which had been under study for already 10 years; (iii)     Who should submit what plans; (iv)     Practice and Building contract matters which were under constant evolution.
  • To initiate communication with the Local Authorities regarding the drafting of the GKKS and “who should submit what Plans”;
  • To bring Part 3 Examination to Sabah instead of candidates having to fly over  to KL;
  • To instill a sense of brotherhood among architects and to prevent any erosion of our status in society and the building industries.
PAM Sabah Chapter was officially registered on 30th October 1976 with Mr. Francis Wong as the founding Chairman.  The office was located at the 2nd floor of a shop lot in Sinsuran Complex, Kota Kinabalu, and was managed by a part time staff. In 1981, the PAM Drafting School was set up to supply a pool of architectural draftsman and technicians to the profession.  Many architects volunteered as lecturers without pay and some held even donated cash to fund the renovation and rental and all the other activities in the old PAM Centre in Sinsuran. The school continued to train out many capable draftsmen until the downturn in the late 1990s, when the Chapter decided to close the school and leave the training the Sabah Institutes of Arts which was just set up. In 1986, a full time secretary was employed to cope with the increased demand for better services as a result of the great number of graduates returning to the State. 
In 1990, PAM Sabah Chapter moved from its premises at Sinsuran Complex to the Town Padang.  After 8 years, PAM Sabah Chapter was on the move again, and this time, shifted to Block C of Damai Plaza, Phase IV. Finally in 2000, PAM Sabah Chapter purchased two adjourning units of the 3rdfloor, with the PAM Education Fund. The centre was declared as the “Centre of Excellence” 

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