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PAM Sabah Chapter Website….

With the gradual increase in the number of memberships over the years, PAM Sabah Chapter found in increasingly difficult to service all its members efficiently and effectively and effectively, even with the modern invention of the fax machine. 
Faxing of information virtually took the whole day and for all the time, not every fax went through. The information explosion in this digital age had speeded up the pace with which the information is to be handled and transmitted.  The need to set up the PAM Sabah Chapter website was eventually initiated by Ar. Victor Wong during the AGM in 2006/2007. 
The EXCO members of 2006/2007 under the chairmanship of Ar. Yong Ming Cheong, gave full backing to Ar. Victor Wong to arrange for the design and commissioning of the PAM Sabah Chapter website, as a centre for information for easy access by its members.With the PAM Sabah Chapter website, member can then access for information such as news, CPD seminars and social activities quickly can easily. 
In doing, PAM Centre is relieved of the mundane task such as sending faxes, thereby saving time for the more urgent and meaningful work. With the respective links provided in the PAM Sabah Chapter website, members can also access the LAM and PAM websites for information such as the constitution, code of professional conducts, scale of fees, seminars and even checking one’s own CPD points. 
All Local Authorities are listed with their full addresses and contact numbers, fax and email details for easy access by all. With the many manufacturers being listed, the PAM Sabah Chapter website has become a hugh library and resource centre for building materials and services. The website was officially launched on 18thAugust 2007 during its 32nd Annual Dinner held at the Grand Ballroom, Tanjung Aru Resort Hotel.

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