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A product talk on Types of Estop Green Waterproofing System was organized by the Chapter on Saturday, 15 September 2012 at PAM Mini Auditorium.  37 attendees comprising of professional architects, engineers and architectural graduates attended this talk.

The speaker was Mr. Yong Wai Kit, Division Manager – Specification of Estop Sdn Bhd.   He gave an introduction of Estop Sdn Bhd.  He informed that Estop SdnBhd specialized in manufacturing and marketing of a comprehensive range of products including waterstops, surface treatments, cementitious, epoxy grout and repair products, waterproofing and flooring products using the technology acquired from an International Company based in Dresden, Germany; offering the highest standards of quality from the perfect combination of the “International Technology and Local Expertise”.

He presented the talk on “The Types of Estop Green Waterproofing System”.  There are six main type of waterproofing systems such as:-


    Liquid Applied

    Flexible Cementations

●   Spray Applied

    Integral waterproofing system


    Torch Applied

Mr. Yong also cautioned the participants on the difference between water proof and vapour proof i.e vapour proof is also water proof, but water proof may not be vapour proof. This is important consideration when specifying pu or epoxy coating for car park flooring which must be vapour proof to avoid blistering.

Mr. Yong finished the seminar by covering the different types of green roof for different types of vegetation i.e. extensive, intensive and those ranging in between. He also explained the importance of drainage and soil medium for healthy plants.

The presentation was very informative and participants had the opportunity asking many questions.  It ended at 1.00pm with lunch.   

Vote of thanks is accorded to everyone for making their valuable time attending the seminar and to the team from North Bridge Engineering SdnBhd and Mr. Yong Wai Kit for the informative presentation. 

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