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The Chapter organized another factory visit on 17th July 2010 Saturday, Tomher Industrial Sdn Bhd located at mile 6½, Tuaran Lama Road Telipok. It was attended by 26 participants including 9 architects.

Upon greeted by welcoming staff, the product talk began with our Vice Chairman, Dr.Tan Jun Kwang introducing the Managing Director Mr. Ethan Tan who presented the talk. The topic for our visit is – GREEN Plastic, you can make the change!

Mr. Ethan Tan encouraged architects to implement sustainable design & material to fulfill the Green Building Index (GBI). He spoke on plastic application as a sustainable material exploiting its advantages further by converting into environmental friendly products & systems.

There are many products being made including HDPE spiral pipe, PE water tanks, PE septic tanks, etc. in the two factories located within walking distances. Tomher Industrial Sdn Bhd introduced another product recently for palm oil estate – HDPE Gravity Conveyor. This being an ideal solution for transporting harvested fresh fruit bunched (FFB) in hilly terrains. This award winning product makes harvesting possible in all weather conditions.

The factory tour began at the HDPE pipe producing section. We were introduced to the raw material that comes from Saudi Arabia in pallet from of polystyrene. Once mix and dyed, it is put to high temperature for melting purposes and later cooled down when going through an automated mechanism process that controlled the sizes of the pipe being produced. This include spiral HDPE pipe (with cement lining) that was so commonly used for sewerage pipe in KK district. Various different sizes and thickness of pipe can be produced and rolled into batches for delivery.

At the entrance to this factory is their signature display of SMARTER rainwater harvesting solution attached to a large 3M tall water tank. The smart system for harvesting contains a gadget with several innovative designs that allows easy usage with effective first flush diverter. It features self cleaning channel, leaf catcher, overflowing channel and a completely detachable lid. The gadget is easy to install and can save up to 50% water consumption.

At another factory within the same vicinity is where the blue coloured water tanks of various capacities are made. Directly fed into metal mould of the desired capacity where the raw material is heated to nearly 200ºC. The mould rotates to give the circular tank an even layer of thickness. After approximately 20 minutes, each mould is cooled by watering to lower the temperature for pulling the contracted tank out of the metal mould by hand. This process is repeated for another water tank.

All products coming out from the two factories are tested to ensure quality assurance to the standard prescribed by SIRIM Malaysia.

Mr. Ethan Tan informed that they also made PE septic tank and has been actively in discussion with local authorities to undertake retrofit works to existing non-functioning sewerage treatment plant. They are able to come-up with solutions to suit the different types of treatment plant design in order to bring about normal functionality.

The factory visit ended by 2pm with a group photograph taken.

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Ar. Yong Ming Cheong

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