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 A successful seminar on “Empowering Culture Profession-Conservation Best Practice from Home and Abroad “ has been held at PAM Mini Auditorium on Saturday, 08th January 2011, 9.00am and was attended  by 25 participants include corporate and graduate members.

The seminars start with greeting from Chapter Chairman,Ar. Ho Jia Lit to all participants and continue with product talk from Ms.June Lim, Marketing Executive of Monier Sdn Bhd with a quick explanation about their roofing product.

Prof. Ar. Laurence Loh, Deputy President of Badan Warisan Malaysia was invited to be the speaker for the seminar. Ar.Ho Jia Lit introduce Prof. Ar Laurence Loh to all present.Ar. Laurence Loh is one of the international judges with UNESCO and his works have won many of the UNESCO awards etc: The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang. On his presentation, the speaker explains what the objective for the UNESCO Awards. There are 11 criteria for the 3 awards categories from UNESCO. The 3 categories are:-

1. Award of Excellent

2. Award of Merit

3. Honorable Mention

UNESCO mandate is to promote the stewardship of the world’s cultural resources, including the built heritage which constitutes our collective cultural memory and the foundation upon which communities can construct their future. On his slide presentation, there are many pictures of heritage buildings that has won awards from UNESCO from many countries.

The seminar ended at 12 noon after the Q& A session.Ar. Ho Jia Lit on behalf of the Chapter thanked the speaker and everyone and also thanked Monier Sdn Bhd for their generous sponsor for the seminar.

Reported by Ar. Ho Jia Lit

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