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A seminar on “Marketing for Architects, Color in Architecture & Sustainability and Green Coating” was held on Saturday, 16th October 2010 at Keningau Room, Le Meridian Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. It’s attended by 62 architects. 

Upon welcoming all participants, the Master of Ceremony from Akzo Nobel, Mr. Saiful Rais invited Ar.Ho Jia Lit to deliver his welcome greetings. Thereafter, the MC introduced the 1st speaker, Ms. Ho Pui Ying to present her talk with slide to the audience/ participants. The first session is about “Sustainability and Green Coating”. According to speaker, the Green Label can be used on products which meet the eco standard specified by the scheme concerned, and is recognized as a member of the International Eco-labeling Network (GEN) allowing certification by mutual recognition of SGLS endorsed products by other members of the network. The eco-labeling drive for coating is in tandem with the development of the green building rating tool which is gaining an increasingly strong foothold within the building industry.

After the tea break, the MC introduced the 2nd speaker, Professor Tajuddin Ismail an Associate Professor of Fine Art, to present his talk on “Color in Architecture”.  Many old building were built lacking creativity and design innovations. Color being an important design element in architecture, has been seriously overlooked and given a rather after-thought consideration that could affect the design concept. The session is designed to give a better understanding to architects towards a more pragmatic approach in applying colors in architecture by different color tone, combinations and theme. Speaker also provides an interesting slide of building pictures that employed different combination of color, scheme and tones.

After lunch break, the MC introduced the last speaker, Mr. Patrick Ng to present an interesting topic of “Marketing for Architects”. Recently, competition has sharpened as more and more architects enter the market place. However, the market landscape continues to evolve in the midst of enhanced technology, globalized competition and more discerning (and demanding) customers. It is becoming a common scenario where there is “more supply than demand”. In this session, speaker gives several illustration on different case studies to the participants and registered feedback in return participation.

The seminar ended at 3pm with a big thank you note to ICI Paints (M) Sdn Bhd for their generous sponsorship to make this seminar an enjoyable one. 

Reported by Ar.Yong Ming Cheong

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