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As the joint organizer of the just concluded IPEX® 2012 & Ideal Home Show exhibition, PAM Sabah Chapter is pleased to inform that over 30,000 visitors had visited the four days exhibitions and we would like to thank all the exhibitors and visitors for making the efforts to take part in this event.

This year, the most coveted best decorated booth from the developer category went to WSG Development Sdn Bhd and the runner up is Riverson Corporation Sdn Bhd.  For the supplier category, the winner is Goodrich Global (EM) Sdn Bhd and the runner up is ICI Paints (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

For the City Kid Drawing and Colouring Competition, an event fully sponsored by City Top Industries Sdn Bhd, the response is very encouraging with over 100 participations.  The 1st and 2nd prize for the children colouring competition went to Jacquelin Lay Jie Lin and Chong Ka Zen respectively, both from SJK St. James.   3rd prize went to Chow Jing Xin of SJK Chung Hwa, Likas

The theme for the City Kid Colouring Competition was based on the event’s theme which is 5K, a motto of DBKK, emphasizing ‘cleanliness, beautification, safety, orderliness and harmony’. Entries were judged based on the incorporation of these 5 K in their drawing design and composition.  First prize went to Lim Shao Pang of SJK Chung Hwa, Likas and the runner up was Amy Sum of SJK Lok Yuk and 3rd prize went to Hong Jo Well of SJK Chung Hwa, KK.

This year also saw a good submission for the Edible Architecture Competition with over 30 entries from students of various secondary schools.  Congratulations to SMSM4 and SMSM1 of SM St. Michael of Penampang for bagging the top two prizes.  Forrero Rocher from SMK Bahang of Penampang was awarded the 3rd prize. A special mention prize was awarded to H2O of Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School.   As a long term commitment to this event and to acknowledge the winning schools, the event sponsor, Colourcoil Industries had kindly donated a challenge cup trophy made of Pewter for the winning school name to be engraved onto the Cup.

We would also like to congratulate Ms  Anne Janebeth from Syarikat Kapasi Sdn Bhd for winning the Best Dressed category of the IPEX Duo Personality Contest.  For the Talent Show, the winner is Mr. Stephen Chu and Mr. Leslie Chin of Eurodeck Sdn Bhd.  The winner for the best presentation went to Ms Aileen Li and Mr. Alvin Marco of Bluescope Lysaght Sdn Bhd.  This event is fully sponsored by Nippon Paint (Sabah) Sdn Bhd.

It is with much regret that some visitors feel that by holding the events over the Easter Holiday weekend may deprive some Christian from visiting the exhibitions. The rational for holding the events during this period is based on past exhibitions feedbacks from both the exhibitors and the visitors.

IPEX 2012 & Ideal Homes Photos

Reported by: Ar. Lo Su Yin

Graduates BBQ Get-together Party [3.12.2011]

The Graduates BBQ Get-together was a fun filled event with tones of food, sharing from various PAM committee members, and introduction to the CAEM training programme and Graduate events coming up in 2012! It was a relaxed evening in Waikiki Condominium apartments in Tanjung Aru, and we enjoyed good company, a beautiful sunset and did we mention the amazing food?!!  The evening sharing comprised of Ar. Lo Su Yin giving a short welcoming introduction on behalf of PAM, Ar. Victor Wong and Ar. Yong Ming Cheong introducing the CAEM programme and lectures, Sharon M Amin talking about the past events, as well as James Wong who shared about the exciting vision and direction of where the Graduates Network is heading in 2012. We ended the night with a relaxed informal time of jamming on the guitar, playing bowling water bottles and a coconut, and good conversations. !

Through the planning sessions the Graduate Committee has had, they have identified several areas this Graduate Network should work towards in this coming year, amongst those are:

*Education: encouraging new and fresh thinking: 
 Promoting fresh and innovative thinking in Design and Architecture in Sabah.
– Growing to be better practicing professionals, amongst which are the preparation and working towards Part 3 examinations with the CAEM programme.

*Fun and enjoyable:
– Social activities: Island outings, trips, etc. 
– Encouraging a fun-loving attitude and collaboration in quality Design

*Public awareness for Architecture/ Public involvement:

– Engaging with the public and educating them in relation to Architecture. 

– Building a network of Innovative Design professionals amongst graduates and other design disciplines  

The night as commented by many of the PAM Sabah committee members was a very successful event. Many thanks to Sharon Amin and the Graduate Committee team for spearheading such an enjoyable event! 


more photos here


Reported by:-
Mr. James Wong

Click here to download the Form: IBS_SABAH 1-3Dec11

Saturday, 5th November 2011
PAM Mini Auditorium, PAM Sabah Chapter

The seminar was generously sponsored by MG Ceramics & Homeware Sdn Bhd, and the speaker is Mr. Felix Quek, Technical Service Director of ad2 Building Solutions Sdn Bhd. Felix has more than 30 years experience in the building industry providing solutions, materials and technical support of ceramic tiles, stones and waterproofing. Some of the major projects under Felix were the Singapore Changi Airport Passenger Buildings Terminal 1, 2 and 3, and the KLCC Suria Shopping Centre.

Felix’s presentation included the following salient features:

Tiling failures have become more common these days, especially the buckling, delamination (debonding) of tiles from the substrate, cracked tiles etc. It is happening not only in Malaysia, but across Asia Pacific.

There are many factors for tiling failure, including the following:

Insufficient gap/ expansion joint between tiles
       (especially large sized tiles),
ii.     Insufficient contact between adhesive and tile surface
      (Min 85%, 95% preferred).
iii.    Incorrect use of adhesive (e.g. should not mix with cement, do not prolong open time),
iv.    Incorrect types of adhesive (e.g. wrong adhesives for structure subject to movement),
v.     Incorrect application of adhesive
       (e.g. Should apply on the substrate instead of back buttering),
vi.    Incorrect steel trowel (should use small notch for small tiles, large notch for large tiles),
vii.   Water pressure from penetration below the substrate (lack of waterproofing),
viii.  Incorrect tile grout and incorrect scrub.

Felix also briefed on the common use of Cement Based Adhesive (CBA):
i.    1 Component  :
      CBA only (typical installation of tiles on floors and walls).
ii.   2 Component   :
       CBA + latex. (for improved performance on areas subject to movement).

He emphasized on getting the right adhesive for the job, and reminded all on the age old maxim that “You Pay One Cent, You get One Cent Product”!

Felix may be contacted: 012-9107182, 03-8061 9335 or email to: [email protected]


Reported by Ar. Mok Juang Yu

A talk on EVG 3D Construction System – An Intelligent and Fully Integrated IBS was held on Saturday, 24 September 2011 at the Grand Ballroom of Pacific Sutera Hotel. The talk was organized by Bristeel Corporation Sdn Bhd. Bristeel Corporation Sdn Bhd is the Authorized Distributor cum Certified Builder by EVG Three-D Construction System (M) Sdn Bhd.

Mr. Christian Peheim, Head of Structural Engineering from EVG Austria Headquarters spoke to 170 participants comprising architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, developers, contractors and others.

Mr. Peheim informed that EVG 3D Construction System is a worldwide patented technology designed and developed by EVG Austria. The system had been widely used in more than 60 countries for more than 30 years. It offers a relatively simple and cost effective Industrial Building System (IBS).

An EVG 3D panel consists of a three-dimensional welded wire space frame sandwiched with a modified polystyrene insulation core. The two main materials for the entire building are the panels and shotcrete. The materials are of sustainable natural resources which is environmentally friendly and of extremely low carbon footprint.  The system has an earthquake resistant up to 7.5 Richter scale and typhoon resistant up to 300km/hour. There are 8 characteristics of EVG 3D construction as follows:-

1) Design Flexibility

2) Ease of Installation and Handling

3) “Formless” Construction

4) Higher Speed of Construction

5) Cost Efficient

6) Superior Strength

7) Green Product

8.) Energy Conservation

The talk was very informative and ended with many questions from the participants. The talk ended with lunch at 12.30 noon at Cafe Boleh, Pacific Sutera Hotel.

PAM Sabah Chapter organized a CPD seminar on “Thermal Comfort House by Solar Powered Ventilation” held on Saturday, 17th September 2011 was attended by 32 participants comprising of architects and QS.

UMS Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chris Chu and his team of researchers demonstrated that by placing wiremesh (with very fine grid) over the outlet of a chimney, the air flow rate will increase drastically.  Other factors that will help include bringing in cold air using underground pipes; and make the upper part of the “chimney” in glass.  This finding could have wide implication to the way we design passive ventilation e.g. stack effect with warm air passage through the jack roof.

The presentation ended at 1.00pm after Q&A session with lunch.  Vote of thanks is accorded to everyone for making their valuable time attending the seminar and to Assoc. Professor Dr. Christopher Chu Chi Ming and his researchers team for the informative innovation.


Reported by :-
Ar. Mok Juang Yu


The recently concluded 36th PAM Annual Dinner was held at the Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La’s Tg Aru Resort in Kota Kinabalu. 450 guests including architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, suppliers and other members of the local built environment industries attended the institution’s yearly dinner event.

Our Guest of Honour YB Datuk V K Liew, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department was present to grace the occasion.  PAM President, Ar. Saifuddin Ahmad, Sarawak Chapter Chairman, Ar. Peter Wong and Southern Chapter Chairman Ar. Hj. Zawawi Bin Zainuddin and spouse were also present.

The theme for this year’s dinner is “P”, PHENOMENOLOGY”.  “Phenomenology” is a unique architectural term concerning the built environment.  To simplify the idea of phenomenology, what is the relationship of a building with the surrounding context?  Phenomenology is important to continue a particular culture, the spirit of a community and the character of local precedents. Proponents of phenomenology believe that architecture should be created to fulfill the human needs without destroying the unique natural and genius loci.

The occasion witnessed the installation of the newly elected Chapter Chairman, Ar. Lo Su Yin and introduction of the 2011-2012 committee members.

The outgoing Chapter Chairman, Ar. Ho Jia Lit initiated setting up the “PAM Sabah Chapter’s Education scholarship Fund” by contributing RM7,000.00.

A music performance by the PAM Band led by Mr. Mitchell Bernard and performance by newly installed Chapter Chairman and his crew in a Sketch entitled "left side view of the 3C’s (Consultant, Contractor and Client)".

Prizes were given out to The Best Creative Office Photos and Guess the Architect.

Also one of the highlights of the evening was the Lucky "Fear Factor" Draw where lucky participants would compete to win three Ipad 2.

It was an entertaining and fun filled dinner where everybody left upon the end of the evening with a wide grin and gladness of having an umbrella for door gift, just in case it rained again.


36th Annual Dinner Photos

Reported by Ar. Rizal Ahmad Banjar


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