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(L-R) Mr. Pasdik Francis, En. Mohd. Saifurazzee B. Mohamed @ Hussien, Ar. Paul Lau, Mr. Mursidi Hj. Sapie,
Mr Johnny Samson, Datuk Matius Sator, ar. Sim Sie Hong, Ar. Ho Jia Lit, Ar. Lo Su Yin, Ar. Yong Ming Cheong, Ar. Aaron Fong, Ar. Arnold Kwan

On 12th May, 2011, seven chapter members of the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM Sabah Chapter) led by the Chapter Chairman, Ar. Ho Jia Lit paid a courtesy call to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government and Housing,  Datuk Matius Sator.

The Chapter highlighted the issue on the referral of development plans to the Central Board for approval.  In order to speed up the process, the Chapter recommended that minor amendments made to the layout of the development plans need not be referred to the Central Board again.   In an effort to be more transparent and to dismiss misunderstanding on the efficiency of the Central Board approval process, the Ministry agreed to publish the statistic on the number of development plans submitted and approved by the Board and the time for their approval.

In view of the rising costs of properties in the State and the outdated and uncoordinated ad-hoc bylaws and guidelines, the Chapter stressed the importance on the revision of a uniform and relevant residential set back guideline.  The Ministry had also agreed to look into the formulation the Sabah Building Ordinance and when such exercise carried out the Ministry would invite the professional bodies to be represented in the committee.

The Chapter has also emphasised that DBKK has already been using a new residential set back guidelines albeit on a trial basis.  In Sandakan, the setback guideline is also different.  Confusion will arise when the development plans were sent to the Central Board for approval.  Very often, they will be rejected as the new setback guideline is inconsistent with the existing by-laws.

In an effort to preserve our environment and the concern for global warming, the Chapter also proposed to the Ministry to incorporate sustainable design criteria into the building by-laws.  Encouragements and incentive will be given to buildings which have achieved the GBI (Green Building Index) certification.  Some of the simple and basic energy saving design and construction details should be part of the regulation to be complied in new building construction.

PAM Sabah Chapter highlighted that in a recent court case, the property inspection reports prepared by one architect professional were used and accepted as evidence for the assessment of the conditions of the houses in dispute.  The Chapter stresses the importance of the inspection reports for cases referred to the Housing Tribunal.  As part of the service to the building industries, the charges for the reports are very reasonable.

Reported by Ar. Lo Su Yin

 A product talk on Bekaert Coated Wire was organized by the Chapter on 10th May 2011 at PAM Mini Auditorium. It was attended by 21 attendees and started at 9.30am and ended at 12.00pm.

Ar. Aaron Fong welcomed all and introduced the Business Development Manager from Sabah Wiremesh & Fencing Sdn Bhd, Mr. Leong Wah Kon to invite the speaker, Mr. Alex Chin Ying, Sales Engineer from Bekaert Singapore Pte Ltd to present his slide on the Bekaert Coated Wire products. 

Bekeart is a global market leader in drawn steel wire products and applications and a technological leader in its two core competences: advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings.  In building industry, there are many products from Bekeart for wire mesh in construction. 

The products are:-

1. Stainless steel wire for construction reinforcement (Bekinox ®)

2. Nails, stitches and galvanized staples

3. Wire for structural strands for bridges, roof & outside wall support

4. Annealed wire

5. Ceiling hook wire

6. Coated stainless steel wire for architectural panel & ropes (Bekinox ®)

7. Wire for roof & slate hooks

8. Welded mesh

9. Stainless steel cable tray wire (Bekinox ®)

After the Q&A session, the talk ended with lunch. Vote of thanks to Sabah Wiremesh & Fencing Sdn Bhd on the informative talk and for the generous sponsorship.

International Property Exhibition (IPEX) for year 2011 was successfully organized by PAM Sabah Chapter in collaboration with the Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK). The theme for the exhibition this year is “Colours of Our City”. The exhibition began on 21st April 2011 and ended on 24th April 2011. It features 91 exhibition booths. A total of 68 exhibitors comprising interior decorators, landscapers, building material manufactures/suppliers, housing developers, kitchen designers and government agency (KWSP) took part for the event at the Sabah Trade Centre.

IPEX 2011 was officially launched a by Minister of Industrial Development, YB Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah, Datuk Yee Boon Hai the Director –General of DBKK represented Mayor, PAM President, Ar. Boon Chee Wee, PAM Southern Chapter Chairman, Ar. Azman Bilaji and Deputy Chairman of PAM Sarawak Chapter, Ar. Mike Boon also attended the opening ceremony of the event. 

During the 4 days event, other interesting sub-events such as daily lucky draw, Photography Competition, Edible Architecture Competition, City Kids Children’s Coloring and Drawing competition and Ms IPEX Personality Contest and fashion show were held.

On the first day of the event, the prize presentation for Photography Competition was announced. 

The winners were:-

1st Prize – Mr. Lim Ping Seng

2nd Prize – Mr. Tsen Lip Kai

3rd Prize – Mr. Mok Wai Kiong

Consolation prizes:-

1. Mr. Fong Weng Chau

2. Mr. Rizwan Hazeman B. Talikop

3. Mr. Philip Yong Kok Yung

4. Mr. Ding Hee Hang

5. Mr. Henry K.Y.Chin

6. Ar.Victor Wong

7. Ms. Suzeanywati Gasinin

The judging for the sub-event was held at PAM Centre on 12th April 2011. The judges were Ar. Yong Ming Cheong, Ar. William Ho and Mr. Danny Kok, President of Sabah Arts and Photographic Society. The prizes were sponsored by Bluescope Lysaght (S) Sdn Bhd and Monier Sdn Bhd.

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Saturday, 19th March 2011, a product talk was organize by PAM held at PAM Centre on “Discovering the Technical and Economical Advantages of Pre-Mixed Ceramic Tiles Adhesives”. The talk started at 9.30am and was attended by 38 participants.

Ar. Yong Ming Cheong welcomed all members and invited the speaker, Ms. Veronica Wong, Retail Sales Manager from Wacker Chemical (South Asia) Singapore to present her slide. 

 As the market leader in binders, Wacker Polymers has been involved in the development of modern tile adhesives for over 50 years. One of the product introduce by the speaker is Vinnapas.

The Vinnapas product classes for polymer powders have a different category. It is:-

1. VINNAPAS N- The rheologically neutral class.

2. VINNAPAS T- The highly thixotropic class.

3. VINNAPAS F- the class for excellent flow properties without superplasticizers.

4. VINNAPAS H- the class for outstanding water repellency.

5. VINNAPAS L- the class for optimum leveling.

On the second session, the speaker briefed everyone about the product of ceramic tile adhesives (CTA) including all the necessary pre-mixed raw materials such as binder, aggregates and additives at guaranteed mixing proportions. Mr. Ang San Eng, the Product Manager from Lafarge Cement conducted a product demonstration on the mixes and applications of the pre-mixed mortars. 

The product demonstration ended at 11.30am followed with Q&A session. Ar. Yong Ming Cheong thanked all and to Lafarge cement for their generous sponsorship to make the seminar possible on behalf of PAM Sabah Chapter.

Reported by Ar. Yong Ming Cheong.

Ar. Yong Ming Cheong (Past Chapter Chairman/ IPEX 2011 Organizing Chairman) led seven members including Deputy Chapter Chairman Ar. Lo Su Yin for a courtesy call to Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah, Minister Of Industrial Development on 1 march 2011 at the MID’s conference room. 

During the discussion, PAM Sabah Chapter had extended the invitation to Datuk Raymond to be the Guest Of Honour for the Opening Ceremony of “IPEX And Ideal Home Show 2011” which will be held on 21st April 2011 at Sabah Trade Centre.

On other development, Ar. Yong briefed the Minister that PAM was one of the founding members of “Green Building Index” (GBI), an initiative to lead the property industry towards becoming more environment friendly. He hopes Ministry of Industrial Development (MID) can help PAM to promote in green building development and incorporate in activities on trade and industrial development in Sabah.

Ar. Yong said PAM are willing to offer their Professional expertise and service as adviser to MID on issues relating to the built environment and he also said they are looking at the possibility of architects being partners of local industries exporting local products produced through collaboration with architects. 

Ar. Yong requested Ministry of Industrial Development to allow PAM to participate in organized trade and industrial entourages for better exposure and opportunities.

Reported by Ar. Yong Ming Cheong

Saturday, 19th February 2011, PAM has organized a product talk on “Landscape Engineering Solutions” by Eurodeck Sdn. Bhd. held at Chapter Mini Auditorium. The talk was attended by 50 participants including Architects, Engineer, QS and Developers started at 9.30am.

 Chapter Vice Chairman, Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang welcomed all and introduced the speaker, Mr. Stephen Chu as Director of Eurodeck Sdn. Bhd and Leslie Chin to do the presentation.
Certified quality management services with ISO9001:2008, Elmich products have been incorporated in major projects around the world and committed to landscape engineering and continually producing innovative products and solutions to meet the more sophisticated needs of architects and contractors in green building design and construction. 
Each of the products presented by the speaker has their own features and benefits. With an interesting and unique design, the products are applicable on many areas.
There are 6 types of products display during the seminar. It is:
1. Green Wall
2. Green Roof
3. Stormwater Management
4. Turf and Slope Stabilisation
5. Paver & Decking Support
6. Sub-Surface Drainage 
The talk ended at 11.30am after Q&A session. On behalf of the Chapter, Vice Chairman, Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang thanked everyone for making available their time to attend the seminar today and to Eurodeck Sdn. Bhd for the informative product talk.
Reported by Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang

On Tuesday, 25th January 2011, PAM has organized an interesting seminar on ‘The Business of Architecture: A Discussion on the ‘Key Factors for Success (KSF)’ & ‘Green Design and Planning’.  The seminar started at 1.00pm at PAM Mini Auditorium. The attendance was very encouraging. A total of 44 participants were present including corporate and graduate members.

Chapter Vice Chairman, Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang welcomed all and introduce the speaker, YBhg. Dato’ Ar. Dr. Kenneth Yeang King Mun.  The speaker is an architect-planner, ecologist and author who is best known for his signature and innovative green buildings and masterplans, and is regarded as the father of the ‘bioclimatic skyscraper’. He is regarded as one of the foremost designers and noted authority on ecologically-responsive architecture and planning.

On the seminar, the speaker presents his slide and discusses about four fundamental aspects of the business of architecture that an architect in business must do all well. 

The four aspects are:-

1. Getting the business (marketing)

2. Doing the business (delivering the professional services of an architect as defined by the institute)

3. Managing the business ( General Management)

4. Financing the business (Money Management) 

Before the seminar ended, the speaker presented his slide of the projects design and built by T.R Hamzah & Yeang’s that has been awarded for many numerous awards followed by Q&A session. On behalf of PAM Sabah Chapter, Vice Chairman Ar. Dr. Tan Jun Kwang thanked to all and invited Chapter Chairman, Ar. Ho Jia Lit to present the memento to YBhg. Dato’ Ar.Dr.Kenneth Yeang.

Reported by Ar.Dr.Tan Jun Kwang

Saturday, 22nd January 2011, a product talk on “Hospital & Healthcare Products” was held at Pacific Sutera, Sutera Habour Hotel,Kota Kinabalu and was attended  by 37 participants.

The PAM Sabah Chapter Vice Chairman, Ar. Dr.Tan Jun Kwang welcomed all participants and invited the first speaker, Mr. Y.S.Ng, the Business Development Manager of Claycorp Marketing (S) Sdn Bhd to present his talk.

 At the first session, the speaker presented the video of advertisement on their products that shown on TV9 and NTV7.  According to the speaker, Clay Industries Sdn Bhd (CISB) offers a comprehensive range of sanitary ware designed to suit all tastes including the “Dual Flush” and “Claytan Water Saver” models that meet the varying demands of consumers.

Claytan placed a strong emphasis on R&D with efforts from both in-house specialist and internationally acclaimed ceramics designers and consultants. The efforts were continually benchmarked with various national certification bodies such as PSB Singapore, QAS Australia and SIRIM Malaysia to ensure Claytan sanitary ware conform to strict QA standards.

The second products presentation was by Ms. Anne Teo, Technical Manager of Orionis Technology (M) Sdn Bhd. Established in 1993 as an R & D and manufacturing firm specializing in Automatic Sensor and Manually Operated Flushing System for water closets and urinals. The speaker introduced the useful products for Hospital and Healthcare called Delabie. 

The benefits and advantages on these Delabie products are:-

1. Water saving

2. High resistance to vandalism

3. Minimum maintenance

4. Easy Adjustment s and quick installation.

5. Easy maintenance

6. Reliability & Resistance.

The talk was very informative and encouraging and ended with Q&A session. On behalf of PAM Sabah Chapter, the Chapter Vice Chairman, Ar. Dr.Tan Jun Kwang thanked all participants and Claytan Group for the helpful and interesting product talk.

Reported by Ar.Dr.Tan Jun Kwang

 A successful seminar on “Empowering Culture Profession-Conservation Best Practice from Home and Abroad “ has been held at PAM Mini Auditorium on Saturday, 08th January 2011, 9.00am and was attended  by 25 participants include corporate and graduate members.

The seminars start with greeting from Chapter Chairman,Ar. Ho Jia Lit to all participants and continue with product talk from Ms.June Lim, Marketing Executive of Monier Sdn Bhd with a quick explanation about their roofing product.

Prof. Ar. Laurence Loh, Deputy President of Badan Warisan Malaysia was invited to be the speaker for the seminar. Ar.Ho Jia Lit introduce Prof. Ar Laurence Loh to all present.Ar. Laurence Loh is one of the international judges with UNESCO and his works have won many of the UNESCO awards etc: The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang. On his presentation, the speaker explains what the objective for the UNESCO Awards. There are 11 criteria for the 3 awards categories from UNESCO. The 3 categories are:-

1. Award of Excellent

2. Award of Merit

3. Honorable Mention

UNESCO mandate is to promote the stewardship of the world’s cultural resources, including the built heritage which constitutes our collective cultural memory and the foundation upon which communities can construct their future. On his slide presentation, there are many pictures of heritage buildings that has won awards from UNESCO from many countries.

The seminar ended at 12 noon after the Q& A session.Ar. Ho Jia Lit on behalf of the Chapter thanked the speaker and everyone and also thanked Monier Sdn Bhd for their generous sponsor for the seminar.

Reported by Ar. Ho Jia Lit


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