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A talk on Armstrong Ceiling System was organized by the Chapter on Saturday, 13 October 2012 at PAM Mini Auditorium.  36 attendees comprising of professional architects, engineers and architectural graduates attended this talk.

The 1st speaker was Mr. Norman Eric Domingo Eusebio, Country Manager, ABP Philippines.  He gave an introduction of Armstrong group of company and introduced Armstrong’s main product which is the Mineral Fiber Ceiling. He also covered the topics of when and why do you need Acoustic.  He explained that suspended ceilings provide excellent acoustic control by helping to reduce both sound inside a room (sound absorption) and sound that carries from one room to another room (sound attenuation).  In addition he spoke about the Mineral Fiber Ceiling specification – Sizes, Relative Humidity, Noise Reduction Control, Durability, Grid and Warranty.

Norman highlighted that the sagging problem associated with mineral fibre board is normally due to high humidity, board not sitting on tee properly, or light fittings not separately supported. Armstrong board comes with RH99 and RH100 rating which guarantees no sagging at highly humid area for 30 years.

The 2nd speaker was Ms. Fong Li Kuan, Country Manager, ABP Malaysia, and Brunei.  She spoke about the GBI point’s contribution of Armstrong Ceiling and Armstrong online services.  Further to that she also presented other range of products and attributes such as their classic Fine Fissured, as well as the new range Dune and Ultima. Various types of suspension tees (exposed, semi-concealed, concealed types) were also introduced.

The 3rd speaker was Mr. Sean Yong, Business Development Manager of BDC Corporation Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Armstrong products in Malaysia. His topic was more on the architectural aspects of Armstrong new products and ceiling system such as TechZone, Metal, Soundscapes and Vector. 

Sean emphasized that Armstrong’s specialty ceiling are produced to meet the architects’ demand for more interesting design which also has good acoustic properties as well as easily maintained.

The presentation was very informative and participants had the opportunity rising up many questions.  It ended at 1.00pm with lunch.  

Vote of thanks is accorded to the team from Armstrong (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and BDC Corporation Sdn Bhd for providing an informative presentation and to everyone present for making their valuable time attending the talk.


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