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On 25th September 2010, The Chapter organized another product talk at the Mini-Auditorium. Two speakers from NSL Eastern Pretech conducted the seminar which started at about 10am. There were 24 participants including 9 architects and 4 building draughtsman attending this “Seminar & Demonstration of E.Mix Plaster & Mortars”.

The first session of the seminar was a briefing cum introductory to the products range of the company by Ir. Ng Kok Peng. He explained and gave an overall view of the products available together with the characteristic of the different types of plasters and mixes. The E.Mix range of premixed joint mortars, wall-finishing plasters, tile adhesives and grouts, flooring products, waterproofing compounds and engineering grouts are extensively employed in the construction field. The advantages include premium quality finishes, ease of applications and future maintenances, speedier completion timeframe, etc. 

  After lunch was the second session conducted by Mr. Sim Beng Hock who gave a practical demonstration on the mixes and application of the plasters with hands-on. Two different products were shown on the audiences. He shares his knowledge on the common defects & their causes, proper protection and cares, the right mixes and methods for plasters and mortars. He was of the view that E.Mix range of products could contribute to the quality and consistency at site as well as their implications to developers, architects and contractors.

The hands-on demonstrations ended at around 2.40pm and Ar. Yong Ming Cheong thanked both speakers on behalf of PAM Sabah Chapter.

Report by Ar. Yong Ming Cheong

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