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A seminar on “Interpretation of Passive Fire Requirements in the UBBL 1984” was held on 17 November 2012 at PAM Mini Auditorium. 37 attendees comprise of architects and architectural graduates attended this talk.

The speaker was Ar. Chong Lee Siong MIArbs, MIFireE, graduated from Deakin University, Geelong in 1990.  He worked in Australia for three years where he developed his keen interest in the study of safety in buildings. Upon returning to Malaysia he contributed to the drafting of the proposed revisions to the UBBL and to the publication “Guide To Fire Safety for Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia, Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia and other organizations and is currently in the drafting committee for the new proposed revisions to the Uniform Building By-Laws.

Ar. Chong Lee Siong stated that the fire safety provisions of the Uniform Building By-Laws 1984 is often misconstrued to be restrictive and outdated in its scope, hence limiting Architects’ flair and creativity in the realization of our designs. However, the basic principles of designing for fire safety and the understanding of the characteristics of fire which is the basis of the formulation of the UBBL is still relevant today.

During the seminar he presented in details the fundamental concepts of fire safety, interpreting the UBBL and the practical applications of the relevant fire safety codes in Architecture. Ar. Chong also gave a detail explanation of the 4 basic principles on fire fighting: 1. Evacuation; 1. Passive Containment; 3. Active Intervention; 4. Only one fire at one place at one time.

He also briefly spoke about the latest changes to the UBBL (pending on Parliament reading), including the clarification on the perimeter access for fire appliance. Ar. Chong clarified that min 6.1m Access Way is required for Bomba staging; while the Access Road for the passage of Bomba appliances may be less than 6.1m wide.

The talk was very informative and participants had the opportunity asking many questions, tips and advice. It ended at 1.00pm.

Vote of thanks is accorded to Ar. Chong Lee Siong for the very informative talk and everyone for making their valuable time attending the seminar.

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